Founded in 2013 by a self-professed schmoozer and Jewish convert to Catholicism, Click first began as a hospitality ministry hosting and promoting highly curated and unique events for Catholic singles in the LA area. As Click’s reputation grew locally, it evolved into its present form: a holistic Catholic singles movement for Catholic singles, by Catholic singles. Our current focus is in Southern California (with select opportunities no matter where you live), and we’re working toward partnerships with dioceses, parishes, and other Catholic organizations nationwide.

Our Vision

It is increasingly difficult to meet and find true (face to face) connection for fellowship–let alone romance–while practicing our faith.

Singles ministry often gets conflated with young adult ministry, or completely thrown by the wayside all together. Click’s mission is to serve Catholic singles of all ages through its work with dioceses, parishes and partners to better fulfill their needs specifically with regard to Click’s Three Pillars: community, connection and vocation.
At Click, we believe:

  • Young adult ministry is great, but SINGLES MINISTRY IS DIFFERENT… because hey, not all young adults are single, and not all singles are young adults.
  • Online dating presents many challenges, some of which are symptoms of our modern dating and digital culture. While we aren’t against online dating and we love our iPhones, we do think digital endeavors must respect the dignity of the human person.
  • When it comes to romance, we don’t just want more marriages. We want holy, healthy, sacramental marriages (that aren’t going to end in divorce in 5 years or less because the couple was mismatched from the beginning).
  • The time to prepare and teach discernment to singles who are called to marriage is before engagement, not after it.
  • Singles who may feel called to remain single or may be exploring a vocation to the priesthood, religious/consecrated life need focused resources and a supportive community to assist them in their discernment and respective callings.
  • Catholic singles will be at different places in their individual faith journeys, and providing a safe community built on purposeful fellowship and connection is essential to retaining Catholics and evangelizing new ones.

In short, we believe Click’s Three Pillars–community, connection, and vocation–are fundamental for Catholic singles to live a full life in today’s modern world.
If any of what you have read resonates with you, we urge you to join our movement.